Womenflag football colored wristbands find confidence in Xinjiang modeling group
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Aysay Gul Kade, 29, drew her fellow villagers" attention as she blasted down the fashion runway, confident and powerful, in her red one-piece dress. The ruffles and movements gave her a ton of charisma.

Aysay joined the modeling group with 30 other women ranging in age from 17 to 38 in Kuantan village in Kashgar, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, less than a year ago. Now they generate sparks with every step as they move like professional models.

"We organized the modeling group with the thought of making women realize how beautiful they are, and to promote the spirit of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement," said Ralgul Mehmet, 29, director of the women"s federation in the village and the group"s leader.

Ralgul said when she asked the women to sign up for modeling, only few showed up at the beginning. Most women were too shy to show themselves off in public. But with persistence, she finally talked 30 women into joining the group.

She also invited a modeling teacher from Urumqi, the regional capital, to give instructions on how to improve their performance. The models hold fashion shows from time to time to show what they have learned to the public. They say it has enriched their spiritual and cultural lives.

In February, the group hosted a fashion show in which they wore different styles of clothing, including traditional costumes, business attire and casual wear. Many villagers came to watch.

"Now I see being a model as an attitude toward life - keeping beautiful and confident, no matter who you are and no matter whether it"s on the runway or in life," Aysay said.

Her husband, Mehmet Ali Aihat, enthusiastically supports her modeling and said he sometimes goes shopping with her to choose outfits for her performances.

"I"m very happy to see the changes in my wife since she joined the modeling group," Mehmet said. "She has become not only more beautiful on the outside but also more confident on the inside. I hope the modeling group will influence more women."

After several shows, women have come to Ralgul to express their appreciation, as well as their desire to be in the group. They, too, want to learn to dress up and show their beauty and confidence to people.

"Confidence is the best cosmetic for women," she said. "People often compare women to flowers. Confidence, as I understand, is the most glamorous dew on the beautiful flowers. If women believe in themselves, then they will be full of charm."

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